Ministers affiliated with First Congregational Church may perform weddings in our Sanctuary for any couple. Marriage ceremonies performed in our Sanctuary must be legal in the State of New York. However, should a couple wish to have a commitment ceremony that is not legally binding, our clergy may also officiate. Our Sanctuary is only available for services performed by an FCC clergy person. Those not affiliated with the Church may request another clergy to preside at their ceremony, which must be co-officiated by an FCC minister.

Our main Sanctuary seats approximately 400 and is furnished with an excellent pipe organ. The use of the organ for a wedding is at the sole discretion of the Minister of Music, who must approve of anyone who is to play the instrument. If the Minister of Music’s services are requested, a separate fee will be required. Couples are also free to arrange for any other musical accompaniment that is acceptable to the presiding minister. We also have a small chapel that seats approximately 35 persons if a more intimate setting is preferred.

Fees for professional services are set by the Church, and are payable to the clergy and staff involved. There is also a fee for the use of the Sanctuary or Chapel. All fees are due prior to the ceremony. Please contact the Church Office for current pricing.

Couples may also separately arrange to have their reception in Centennial Hall. We do not provide catering services, but we have a large institutional kitchen for caterers to use for preparing and serving meals. Please contact the Church Office for current pricing.

Couples who are considering having their wedding ceremony at First Congregational Church should be aware of the following Church policies:

  • Flash photography is discouraged during the ceremony. Ushers should inform guests of this policy. (Restaging of the ceremony after the service, for purposes of taking photos or video, is perfectly acceptable).
  • A floral arrangement for the altar table is recommended. Additional floral arrangements should not interfere with the movement of the wedding party.
  • Ribbons or other decorations may not be affixed to the pews, or any other part of the building, with any kind of tape, tacks, or other defacing materials. Rubber bands, ribbons, or string may be used.
  • Showering the bride and groom with birdseed is permitted, but it may not be tossed within the Church building. The release of balloons is prohibited for environmental reasons.
  • The marriage license should be brought to the rehearsal (or left with the minister at the Church Office the day prior to the wedding).
  • If the service starts more than twenty minutes late due to the tardiness of the wedding party, there will be an additional charge of 30% payable to the officiating clergy and organist.

If you are interested in having a marriage ceremony or other commitment ceremony at First Congregational Church and would like to arrange a meeting with our clergy, please contact our office manager.

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