Making a diffence

The works and mission of the First Congregational Church is supported by many very generous people who are collectively trying to make a difference in the world.  If you would like to support us there are many ways to do so.  You can volunteer your time at the Barn Sale, cook a meal for individuals and families that can't get out, help us host some of the homeless in our community in winter's coldest month. teach Sunday School or donate food to "Luke's Pantry".

If you would like to make a pledge to our 2016 Stewardship Campaign, please click here.

Volunteer & Donation opportunities:

Luke's "Fill the Pantry Day"

On the 1st Sunday of every month (September - June), Communion Sundays, we  collect non-perishable food donations for the Community Center of Northern Westchester food pantry. Come to the office to get your reusable grocery bag to make your donation easier.

Community Activities

The Church is continuously involved in local community projects such as supporting our the homeless neighbors, and local families in need.  We are also involved in various  Service and Outreach projects in countries around the world.  If you would like to be involved please Contact us.

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Bellow is a list and description of our many funds.  You are invited to contribute both "time" and "treasure".  If you have any questions please Contact the office.

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Memorial Fund

Established to receive gifts in memory of members of the church or others who have memorial services at the church.  Disbursements recommended by the Board of Deacons and approved by 2/3rds vote of the Church Council.  Funds have been used to help fund other long-term projects of the church, such as the Organ Renovation, and the Flora R. Blumenthal Memorial Ramp, or other improvements to the church.

Visitation Fund

Established to enable the Ministers or members of the church who visit the sick, shut-ins, or elderly of the church to purchase flowers, plants, books, music or other appropriate items for the people visited or temporarily shut-in.  Expenditures approved by the Senior Minister.

Deacon’s Assistance Fund 

This fund has been called simply Deacons Fund or in the past Ministers Discretionary Fund and is to assist members, friends, neighbors, or anyone who for some reason has a current problem which might be overcome or diminished by caring financial help. Donations may be made directly for this account or ministers may request additions to the fund.  Loose plate collections on Communion Sundays are added to the fund. 

Disaster Relief Fund

This fund is to be administered by the Mission and Outreach Board.  Amounts disbursed to help with medical, food or other needs in a disaster area.  Payments have been made to Doctors Without Borders, and other NGOs.  

Gifts for Ministers Discretion

Amounts received from various individuals as a means of thanking the church for some action or event, such as a Boy Scout Eagle Project, or Baptism; or amounts above a pledge donation when the donor specifies that the excess is for the Ministers Discretion. 

General Endowment Fund

Restricted Endowment Fund

This Fund was primarily formed from the proceeds of the sale of parsonages or manses.  The fund has had different restrictions placed on its use by the congregation.  The current restrictions allow a percentage of the balance of the fund at the end of the previous calendar year to be transferred to the operating fund to offset any current year shortfall.  In addition the congregation has approved loans or advances for particular large projects when payback was assured. 

Helen Haviland Fund

Established to honor the memory of Helen Haviland a long time member of the church who had a love for flowers and a gift for arranging them.  Used to pay for flowers on the altar when not given by someone.  Also to provide additional flowers or plants for the altar at special times such as Christmas and Easter if necessary. 

Columbarium Capital Improvement Fund

Donations were received in 2006.  Expenditures have been for benches, plants, or other enhancements to the site. 

Second Century Fund

At the celebration of the church’s centennial year the 2nd Century Fund drive was announced with a goal to raise 200,000.  Initial project to renovate the original worship space currently called the Parish Hall has been completed and the room has been renamed Centennial Hall. Other projects included the air conditioning of Centennial Hall, the kitchen, the Library, and the Memorial Room. 
Bruckner Garden Beautification Fund Started in 2013 to allow for enhancements to the existing garden. 

Youth Fellowship Fund

Supplemental Music Expenses

Piano/Organ Repair Fund

Vocalist Fund




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Bake for an eventHelp set up for an eventHelp put down the protective flooring in the Centennial HallServe on a Task Force for a limited timePlay a musical instrument and be willing to play during a worship service from time to timeWant to play bells (or learn how to play) in a bell choirPrepare meals for someone in needOrganize a memorial servicePrepare memorial service foodDrive someone to/from churchDrive someone to/from an appointmentTeach/assist Sunday schoolHelp with Craft projectsDecorate the sanctuaryDeliver flowers or food to home bound or illHelp in the officeFold bulletins, stuff envelopes, etcTake photosOrganize archivesPaint wallsChop woodHelp with ESPPick up/deliver library books for someoneTeach someone how to use Facebook or other computer things

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