What you will find at FCC/What to Expect on a Sunday

We don’t think that we have all the answers. Here at FCC, we come together to give each other support and help, if needed. We welcome everyone. We don’t try to tell you what you should believe, but let you come to your own conclusions. Together we talk about ways that we can live with the challenges we face and the questions we have. Our church community supports you whether you are a youth or an elder, and everywhere in between.

When you walk into our church, which is handicap accessible, you will be greeted by our ushers and others who are attending the worship service. We will not overwhelm you, nor glom onto you. We will hopefully make you feel welcome as we hand you our Order of Worship. In there you will find the hymns and their page numbers, the prayers that we say together (they are always in bold lettering), as well as the scripture readings and title of the sermon. You will also find asterisks (*) where we stand, if able, for that part of the service. And, you will find a weekly calendar of what’s happening as well as a list of our staff and all of the chairs of our various Boards.

Our service is somewhat informal. We don’t have assigned seats, so feel free to sit anywhere.  Allow yourself to sit back and become part of our worship experience that has been going on in our sanctuary for more than 60 years. During the church year (that is mid-September till mid-June) we have our Chancel choir that sings during worship. (If you like to sing please visit our music page and find out how you can join our choir) In the pews you will find newcomer forms. Please feel free to fill one out so we can acknowledge your visit. You will also find prayer request cards if you wish to have our Pastor say a prayer for a friend or loved one.

Just prior to the Youth Message, we greet each other with God’s Peace. This is one of the opportunities people have to greet each other and our visitors. We normally leave our pews, greet each other, and try to talk about what’s happening in our lives. We often have a hard time resuming worship because people so enjoy getting to know visitors and catching up with friends. However, our weekly Coffee Hour, which takes place after worship, provides additional time for getting to know us and for catching up! (If you would like to provide a snack/treat for our Coffee Hour,  just contact the office and we will help you find a date that is convenient for you.)

Our youth usually leave after the Youth Message and go to Sunday School and will meet up with us during Coffee Hour, after the service. Worship usually ends at 11:00 A.M. Sometimes we do go later, especially on the first Sunday of the month, when we have communion as a part of our service. By the way, all are welcome to partake of the bread and cup during communion. We use grape juice and gluten-free bread out of respect for those who have special concerns.

Also on the first Sunday of the month, we bring food offerings that we bless and then donate to the Food Pantry at the Community Center of Northern Westchester. Please see “Luke’s Pantry” for more information about this wonderful mission of our church.

For the computer savvy folk, you can sign up for a weekly newsletter (Thursday's Word) which gets emailed out to all who are interested in upcoming events and church information at FCC.  There is also a monthly Carillon that is sent out to provide information on events, worship schedule, mission and services and needs for the church each month.

One of our newest members wrote the following about FCC: "Here at FCC, we are a community that encourages one another to not only worship but to also live as Jesus would.  Helping the sick and poor both near and far. Our Barn Sale and Tag Sale, which are held each year provides people less fortunate with an opportunity to acquire otherwise unattainable items. Our youth hold fund raisers to raise money for people suffering in other countries and here at home.  We also provide the homeless with food and shelter during a select time of year. There are many ways to help out in our community.  Please inquire about how you can contribute to the FCC community.  There is no gesture too big or too small that goes unnoticed."


If you are interested in joining our vital and growing church community, please contact our Senior Minster.

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How to Get Involved

Make sure that you are receiving Thursday’s Word and The Carillon. You can do so by giving your email address to one of the ushers or our Senior Minister, or by calling the Church Office. In these two e-publications, you will find information just about everything that goes on at FCC. If you see something that piques your interest, or touches your heart, contact the office and they will put you in touch with the person or persons with whom you can speak further. Asking doesn’t mean that you have to help out – but you will be more than welcome if you do decide you want to help!

Do you have a talent or skill that you might like to contribute?

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I have these Skills:
Bake for an eventHelp set up for an eventHelp put down the protective flooring in the Centennial HallServe on a Task Force for a limited timePlay a musical instrument and be willing to play during a worship service from time to timeWant to play bells (or learn how to play) in a bell choirPrepare meals for someone in needOrganize a memorial servicePrepare memorial service foodDrive someone to/from churchDrive someone to/from an appointmentTeach/assist Sunday schoolHelp with Craft projectsDecorate the sanctuaryDeliver flowers or food to home bound or illHelp in the officeFold bulletins, stuff envelopes, etcTake photosOrganize archivesPaint wallsChop woodHelp with ESPPick up/deliver library books for someoneTeach someone how to use Facebook or other computer things

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