Communion at FCC is celebrated during worship on the first Sunday of each month and on Holy Thursday.

Through communion, we receive symbols of God's gift in Christ's sacrifice and welcome the power of God's Holy Spirit into our lives. We are forgiven, refreshed and made whole as individuals and as members together, in Christ's body.

This church has a free and open communion. The invitation is extended to everyone who is at the service. Access to God's table will not be denied anyone who wishes to partake of the sacrament. Children are also included in the invitation. However, the decision whether children shall take communion shall be left to the children’s parents.

Communion is served two ways. We alternate between intinction (where congregants come forward to receive communion) and passing the elements (where congregants serve each other). Should you not be able to come forward to receive communion, please let an usher know and communion will be brought to you.