Church School

The Church School program is offered during the school year.  Classes for kindergarten through Grade 7 meet each Sunday morning.  Children begin with their parents in worship, staying through the Youth Message, then proceed to their classrooms. At certain times during the year, students are invited to participate in Large Group Instruction special events.

Confirmation Class, which is led by our Senior Minister, is usually for those young people in eighth grade.  Students help to lead worship, meet for classroom instruction, participate in special activities (including a mission trip to Boston to feed the homeless and learn about some of those who were homeless), and meet regularly with adult mentors. The schedule is set at the beginning of the church year and confirmands and their parents are expected to make confirmation class a priority.

Parents who wish to provide at-home support to church school activities and content are encouraged to attend after coffee hour a 10-minute review of where the curriculum is going in approaching weeks.  We urge families to read the primary scripture aloud together at a family meal during the week.  This will be productive whether or not the children are attending the next Sunday.

This year, our youth will raise money for their Spring 2017 Mission Trip to North Carolina to work with WARM (Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry).

In past years, our youth has raised over $4000 for the Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project through bake sales a car wash and other fund raising. They were able to purchase bricks to help build a school building (at .50 cents a brick). Their efforts will continue in the 2015-16 church school year.

If you would like more information about our Sunday school and Christian Education Program please contact our CE coordinator.

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