Church Council

The Church Council, which is composed of members who have been elected by the congregation, has overall responsibility and authority to set and enforce church policy. Members include the Moderator, Officers and the Chairpersons, or their assigned representative, of each board.

The church officers are:

  • Moderator
  • Vice-Moderator
  • Church Clerk
  • Treasurer
  • Assistant Treasurer

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are elected by the congregation, and responsible for the upkeep of the church property and the financial welfare of the institution. They oversee professional and volunteer maintenance and improvement of the building and grounds. They work with the other church boards and committees to prepare and maintain the annual budget and approve all expenditures. They are also responsible for addressing the legal issues of being a church. One member is designated to also be a member of the Board of Play Care.

Christian Education Committee

The Christian Education Committee (CE) is responsible for education programs for both adults and children, including Church School. The purpose of these programs is to increase a sense of care and compassion through outreach and to seek and celebrate God’s presence in community with others. In addition, the Committee coordinates the youth group programs which foster youth fellowship and fun.

Board of Deacons

The Board of Deacons is responsible for the spiritual growth and welfare of the church. Deacons work with people in crisis, encourage fellowship and oversee worship. All aspects of worship and pastoral care are the responsibility of the Board of Deacons in conjunction with our Senior Minister. 

Lay leaders from the congregation participate in the worship service by being ushers and liturgists.  Scheduling is coordinated by the Board of Deacons. Please see the Lay Participation page for more information.

The Host Deacon make announcements just prior to the start of worship.  If you have an announcement, please give the details to the Host Deacon before Sunday worship. The Deacon reminds the congregation of upcoming events and directs everyone's attention to the announcements in the bulletin, Thursday's Word and The Carillon.

Communion Teams help to set up, serve and clean up after communion, which is on the first Sunday of each month.

If you are interested in becoming involved in worship or would like to know more about what is involved in becoming a Deacon, contact the office

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Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee is responsible for the membership of the church. This includes programs to bring new members into the Church, promote fellowship for families, adults and children, and assist members in need with meals and transportation. They also oversee the Hospitality Committee.

Mission & Outreach Committee

The Mission and Outreach Committee is responsible for allocating the church’s benevolences and encouraging church outreach. We allocate funds to local, national and worldwide organizations through the UCC’s "Our Churches Wider Mission (OCWM)". Other mission and benevolences are brought to our Committee by members often active on boards of these organizations and who bring volunteer and service opportunities to our attention.  Some organizations presently on our list are - A Home, Bridges to Community, Hudson Link, Neighbors Link, Northern Westchester Shelter, Open Door Medical Center, Sing Sing Rehabilitation through the Arts, the UCC Coalition for Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Concerns and others.

This past year, the entire church worked to provide funding to the Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project. Through special fund raising events like a car wash and bake sales and special offerings taken during worship, FCC raised over $10,000 to help support the Nyaka Orphans and their grandmothers. We will be continuing to raise funds for this Project in our 2015-16 church year. To read more about this project, please visit their website:

Luke’s Pantry click here.

Emergency Shelter Partnership Click here.

Disaster Relief - We maintain a separate Disaster Relief Fund for humanitarian purposes.  We replenish it through fundraising events such as our annual Christmas Holiday Bazaar.

Hands On Opportunities - During various times of the year, we sponsor projects such as  collecting food/gifts during holidays for area families that are in need, provide school supplies for a local residential treatment program for youth, do clothing drives for the Community Center of Northern Westchester, and house and feed the local Homeless population through the Emergency Shelter Coalition in conjunction with other religious institutions. We also provide opportunities two times a year for those who are in need to shop for free at our Tag Sale and Barn Sale.

Advocacy Initiative - We strive to become aware of the social conditions behind the benevolences we support through education and discourse because we believe advocacy is the impetus for social change in a democracy. We formulate a position and with consensus, may advocate in letter writing campaigns, phone calls seeking answers, protest policies when appropriate and invite speakers to engage in issues of concern to us. Some recent examples were the organization of The Million Mom March in Chappaqua advocating for sensible gun laws, a letter writing campaign between our Committee and the Office of the Mayor of New York protesting their policies on the Homeless, and raising awareness of the need for rehabilitation and study of our current prison system through speakers and documented research. This past year we viewed and discussed Zero Percent, which takes the audience inside Hudson Link for Higher Education in the Prison’s college program inside Sing Sing Maximum Security Prison. Additionally, our Senior Minister was the moderator for three events at the Chappaqua Public Library - one on Volunteerism, one on making educated decisions at the end-of-life, which was sponsored by The League of Women Voters of New Castle, and the third, was moderating a panel for the Chappaqua Interfaith Council on The Power of Forgiveness.

Music Committee

The Music Committee is responsible for the musical life of the church and for providing assistance to the Minister of Music. The church has a very active music program offering the congregation a variety of music styles. Choirs are directed by Keith Robellard, our gifted Minister of Music, and consist of both youth and adults. All are invited to try "singing and ringing" with the choirs! Please visit our music ministry page.

Board of Nominations

The Board of Nominations is responsible for filling the positions of the boards and officers of the church. Working with the chairpersons of all church boards, they identify and invite church members to serve on the various boards for the upcoming year. They also fill interim vacancies when needed. In addition, the board gathers information from church members about their volunteer interests and talents. Please contact the Board of Nominations if you are interested in serving on a church board or committee. New terms for board members begin following the Annual Meeting, held on the last Sunday in January. Boards meet once a month. Some boards schedule their meetings on Sunday before or after worship. Church Boards establish committees to manage many of their tasks. Committees may not have set terms, and welcome volunteers throughout the year. If you have any questions about any of the Boards or Committees, please contact a member of the Board of Nominations, the chairperson of the board that interests you, or leave a message with the Church office. 

Board of Personnel

The Board of Personnel is responsible for personnel policies and practices for all paid church personnel.

Board of Play Care

Play Care Early Learning Center’s goal is to be the program that families turn to in the Northern Westchester community to provide their children a quality early childhood experience. We recognize these early learning years are crucial in laying the foundation for all future learning environments and we take pride in providing the resources to families in a nurturing and respectful manner.  To achieve these goals we abide by the following:

  • Provide the most flexible scheduling options in our community to best meet families’ divergent needs
  • Serve the whole family by respecting cultures, partnering in learning outcomes, and strengthening the home/school bond
  • Provide an age appropriate curriculum that stems from a multidisciplinary and hands on approach
  • Foster a team of teachers that meets or exceeds NYS Standards and provide a low student/teacher ratio, allowing for more individualized attention.

Play Care Early Learning Center's music and movement classes are very popular weekly activities, and special performances by the children are much anticipated and enjoyed by both the performers and parents alike. The Play Care curriculum is also enhanced by the many special events and visitors who are part of the program throughout the year.

Play Care Early Learning Center has come a very long way since it was established in 1971 as a drop off "sitter service" for 24 children daily. Today the program offers a safe, nurturing, and meaningful preschool experience. Our license enables us to have a capacity of 89 children in 9 classrooms. Play Care also contributes significantly to our Church not only through the monies it brings in, but, also over the years, it has introduced many new families to the worship, fellowship and missions of our Church.

Check out the Play Care web site for more information.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee encourages church families to be active caretakers of our church and missions by giving their time, talents and financial resources to the church.

If you include the church in your will, your generosity and spirit will live on.

A note about donating stock to the church: If you have stock delivered from your broker directly to the church broker, please make sure to notify the church office of the type of stock, number of shares, date of transfer and designated church fund.

Thank you for remembering the church.